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Specifications - Aerial Letter Banners

Our rates are based on location and length of banner tow.  Letter Banner rates starting as low as $350/per tow!  Rates are by the hour - inquire for our current rates.  We offer volume discount for multiple flights.

Specifications - Aerial Billboards

Sprint Aerial Billboard

Aerial Billboards, Lead-Ins or Logos are custom painted or computer imaged to your exact specifications. Sizes may range from a 5 x 5 ft logo to a 30 x 100 ft Billboard.

COST: Billboard production runs $1.50-$2.00/sq ft net. Recommended size 20'x50' - 30'x100' Recommended flight times 2-4 hrs/day.

Artwork may be submitted via email to: Inga@AirsignsandBanners.Com.  Acceptable formats include: .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif File size should not exceed 1mb.

Specifications - Logos with Trailing Message

Aerial logos with a trailing message are a smaller version of a billboard with a banner message attached to the tail end. The banner message can be changed for different areas, new products or themes while the banner logo stays the same. Production charges apply.

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Today's Federal Aviation Regulations require operators of aerial advertising to avoid flying directly over stadiums, beaches and other densely populated areas. A minimum separation of 500 feet over water and 1000 feet over land is required. This will put the aircraft parallel to the waterline on the offshore side of the beach or directly outside the perimeter of stadiums, arenas, and racetracks overland.

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